K.P. BRONZE, a division of Canadian Babbitt Bearings Ltd., a Russell Industries Company, is one of the largest CONTINUOUS CAST FOUNDRIES in North America.
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About K.P. Bronze Ltd

Made in Canada  Made in Canada

Bronze Continuous Castings, in the form of bar, rod and hollow shapes, are used extensively for machining into bushings, bearings and a variety of mechanical components used in many industries.

The principal requirements of a bronze bearing alloy are compressive strength, fatigue resistance, temperature endurance, conformity, seizure resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It is recognized that superior performance will normally be obtained from Continuous Cast bronze stock. The mechanical properties of bronze Continuous Castings, should be noted when selecting alloys for particular purposes, since there will be differences in values from those of similar alloys when sand or static castings is the method of production. See ALLOYS PRODUCED for more detailed specifications.

Some of the benefits of Continuous Cast Bronze Barstock are:

  • Virtually no dirt or porosity as metal is skimmed from the top prior to pouring
  • Uniform grain structure, allows material to be easily machined
  • Cast barstock to tight tolerances with no rough machining needed - Bar comes out with smooth finish
  • Large variety of shapes can be cast at a relatively inexpensive cost compared to other methods
  • Can achieve lengths up to 150", on smaller diameter

K.P. BRONZE was founded in 1970 by Kiro Pecenkovski, as a three-man operation and with its first year's output being 40,000 pounds. The company experienced tremendous growth over the years and presently has a production capacity in access of 40,000 pounds daily and growing.

Through the years, K.P. BRONZE has developed a unique casting process within our Continuous Casting Method called "Finitecast", which is a fine grain structure to ensure greater densities and virtually no porosity.

We produce over 60 alloys, house a chemical testing laboratory, and have access to an onsite machine shop. Our extensive inventory consists of tubing, solids and rectangles in the most commonly used alloys, being C93200 - SAE 660 and C95400 - 9C Aluminum BRONZE.

Our Mission Statement : "It is the company's philosophy to emphasize service and flexibility regarding our customers' demands and changing needs". It is with that goal in mind that K.P. BRONZE prides itself on working with its customers to help reduce costs without sacrificing quality or service! Over the years, many specialty shapes and actual cast bars have been cast with tight tolerances, thus reducing raw material and labour costs.

Being a leader in our industry is what sets us apart from our competition. K.P. BRONZE attributes our success to solid principles of hard work, employee input, customer satisfaction, timely innovation, value for money and above all, quality. It is our goal to ensure that the principles upon which K.P. BRONZE was founded on are reflected in the quality of the products that are delivered to each and every customer.

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Bureau Veritas Certification

Bureau Veritas
  • BRONZE Distributors

  • Bearing Houses

  • Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Manufactures

  • Plumbing Industry

  • Valves & Fitting

  • Automotive Industry

  • Railroad Industry

  • Marine Applications

  • Steel Mills

  • Mining Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Industry

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